Hello, I’m Shelley Walters. My pedigree in sales training draws its roots from generations of successful sales people. I have a deep passion for customer connection and creating meaningful, relevant sales experiences. It runs in my veins.

My no-nonsense approach and persistent campaign to develop innovative sales methods led to recognition as an internationally-recognised sales expert and in-demand keynote speaker. I pride myself in being fierce, direct, energetic and practical and have been described as an unstoppable force, trend-spotter, risk-taker and deal-maker. LEARN MORE ABOUT SHELLEY


Award Winning Speaker!

What turns customers on more than realising that you are fully committed to driving their outcomes? This highly engaging keynote focuses on the value that your team, and your organization brings to the market. Rediscover your “Why” to accelerate sales activity and profits.

Today’s buyers are frazzled, fickle and frustrated. How do you capture the attention of already overwhelmed consumers? This practical and highly engaging session will have the penny dropping and the light bulbs illuminating as your sales people learn what a “typical day in the life of your customer” looks like.

The myth of time management. Today we are rewarded for the quality of our thinking, which can feel near impossible in a world of email, meetings, travel, client escalations and general admin. In this talk, Shelley will share her personal tool kit for leveraging time, managing priorities in order to maximise productivity and exceed expectations.

The quality of service we deliver across our organisations has a direct impact on our sales, both in increased client retention and new business clients. When sales, service and support work together clients RAVE about their experience. Turn your organisation into a selling and serving machine with this captivating and educational talk – Service Sells!

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Monday? Ah-ah

Status Quo [Latin for the Mess We're In] Change, always inevitable, sometimes desirable..."Shelley Walters" Most of us want to change in some area of our lives, many of us want to change in several areas.  But change takes effort, and effort requires energy... Over...

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You Are The Prize

“As businesses move to buyer alignment as a means of differentiation, your salespeople more important than ever.” – Shelley Walters – Director As a professional  Sales Speaker and Director of a leading communications training company, I work with business to business...

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7 Ways to Lose a Deal & How to Avoid them

I am passionate about sales. I love to help my clients, I love to deliver meaningful results and I love to enjoy the rewards of my hard work. If that resonates with you then you, like me, probably do not like to lose. Having presented at over 350 conferences locally...

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When the Going gets Tough

What Every Sales Professional Needs to Know in 2016 * Warning - Not a Motivational Post This letter is written and intended for sales people in South Africa. If you are not in sales, or you do not reside in South Africa, some of this may not make sense to you. 2016 is...

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What your Customers do NOT care about

Moment of truth. Your customers do not care about your business. You are world class? Guess what, so is your closest competitor. Pan African? You and hundreds others like you. You have won numerous awards? Great, they mean nothing to your customers. How many branches...

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Escaping a Sea of SAMENESS

As a professional speaker and trainer I work with business to business organisations across various sectors, all of whom are facing a clear and present danger. The ability to compete on price and product is becoming increasingly difficult. These are the common...

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