Hi, I’m Shelley Walters.

My background in sales training comes from generations of successful sales people. As a result, I have a deep passion for customer connection and creating meaningful, relevant sales experiences. “Sales” runs in my veins.

My no-nonsense approach and campaign to develop innovative sales methods led to recognition as an internationally-recognised sales expert and in-demand keynote speaker. Consequently, I pride myself in being fierce, direct, energetic and practical. I have been described as an unstoppable force, trend-spotter, risk-taker and deal-maker.

“Shelley is a source of fresh sales strategies, practical ideas and good old fashioned common sense, delivered with humour and humility.”

My aim is to be more than “just another motivational speaker”; more than a sales trainer therefore, I aim to develop inspirational, engaging content, actionable ideas, relevant insights and get to the point. I present sales teams with the tools to inspire and equip them to differentiate themselves and your organisation in an increasingly competitive consumer-rich environment.

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Top performing sales rep, and recipient of numerous quarterly and annual awards – Ricoh

Rookie of the Year – Asset Finance

Innovator of the Year – Sales & Marketing Manager, Kingfisher FM

Executive Director – Conversation Intelligence Africa

Founder BEE Level 2 Training Company In-Demand Keynote Speaker ( over 350 Conferences)

Internationally Recognised Sales Expert

I have been enormously grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Shelley. There are very few people in this country who know as much about selling at events. She has worked with many of the top international players in the industry. It’s largely thanks to her that I have more than doubled my business sales. Shelley is a must-have at your next event.

Justin Cohen

International Speaker & Author

After applying Shelley’s training, my client engagement, conversations, collaboration and proposals are of the highest quality. Shelley raised the level of my personal professionalism giving me new insights into my engagements with my clients. The most valuable training I have ever had!

Jaco Strauss

Managing Exec Business Development, Internet Solutions Mozambique

What distinguishes Shelley is that she’s not an academic speaker and facilitator – she has “walked the sales talk”. She knows what it’s like to be in the trenches and has the lessons, the experience and the skills. Shelley is up-to-date with all the latest persuasion, influence and sales research.

Helen Nicholson

CEO | Best-Selling Author | International Speaker , The Networking Company

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