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Do you want a team that understands the relevance of your products and services in an rapidly changing commercial environment?


The 21st Century has changed everything. Economic pressure is changing the way that customers buy, and by necessity must change the way we sell. In this keynote, Shelley will take your sales team through the past, present and future of sales; showing your sales people where we have failed and where we have succeeded so that you know exactly what you should be doing now to secure the sales success of the future.

Change is happening at lightning speed and this keynote will make sure your team is poised, excited, and ready to win.

What do you get?

  • Why personal reach is the most valuable asset a person can have in the 21st Century
  • How you can develop individual influence that enables sales success
  • How to grow a personal brand that draws people and organizations to you
  • Why “experience” no longer matters, and what does matter
  • Change and how your approach to it determines success for you and your company
  • The role of technology in the future of sales 


What turns customers on more than realizing that you are fully committed to driving their outcomes? This highly engaging keynote focuses the value that your team, and your organization brings to the market. Rediscover your “Why” to accelerate sales activity and profits.

You will DISCOVER:-

  • What drives top performing sales reps (hint, it’s not commission).
  • How to reignite your passion for your role.
  • How to demonstrate your expertise, without calling yourself an expert.
  • Go beyond Trusted Advisor.
  • Personal best practice for professional results.


Today’s buyers are frazzled, fickle and frustrated. Just like you and I. How do you capture the attention of already overwhelmed consumers? This practical and highly engaging session will have the penny dropping and the light bulbs illuminating as your sales people learn what a “typical day in the life of your customer” looks like.

new approaches for:-

  • Capturing your client’s attention.
  • Building rapport based on mutual respect.
  • How to become an invaluable resource that clients are willing to pay more for.


The myth of time management. Today we are rewarded for the quality of our thinking, which is more challenging than ever in a world of email, meetings, travel, client escalations and general admin.

In this highly practical session, Shelley will share her TOOLKIT for:

  • Leveraging time.
  • Managing productivity.
  • Prioritising.
  • Managing the expectations of others on your time.


It is a little-known fact that the quality of service we deliver across our organization has a direct impact on our sales, both in increased client retention and new business. Turn your organization into a selling and serving machine with this captivating and educational talk – Service Sells!

You will LEARN:-

  • How the world of client expectations is changing and what you need to do about it now.
  • What it is that brings 53% of clients back to your business.
  • The 6 Expectations Clients have of your business.
  • How to clarify and exceed client expectations.
  • Real-world stories of ordinary businesses delivering extraordinary service,


Shelley is a source of fresh sales strategies, practical ideas and good old fashioned common sense, delivered with humour and humility.”

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Thank you for your excellent presentation last week at the Just Property Conference. In my commitment to always be learning, I have attended a number of these. I related to your succinct and clear messages as well as your insights and you kept my interest all the way through, which is unusual. Thank you!


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