There is always room at the top for those who are willing to serve. They say it is a dog eat dog world, but I have never seen one dog eat another dog. That behaviour seems to be limited to a few corporate creatures.

By contrast, the best leaders, teachers, salespeople and marketers are people who understand that their success is inseparable from the success of those they serve. Being a servant does not mean being a doormat, it does not mean overlooking your own needs or not allowing yourself to ‘win’. And, it often does not feel natural.

Yet when we invest our time, effort and energy into our clients, our employees and our students we have greater fulfillment and satisfaction.

John Ruskin said, ” When a man is wrapped up in himself he makes a pretty small package.”

Your customers, your students, and your employees know when you have their best interests at heart. Even when your feedback is tough, when your correction is harsh, or when your insight is challenging. Serving can require all of those things, but when we trust your intent we are open to your influence.

It is in the giving of ourselves that we have true impact, and indeed enjoy the greatest rewards.

To lead is to serve. Serve well